Merlin Heavy Duty LED Surgical Light System


Merlin Heavy Duty (HD) Surgical light system uses as a key element the M50 LED light panel which is used in both models:

  • HD150-ISF Comprising of a triple panel docking central frame and 3 x M50 panels
  • HD50         Comprising of a single panel docking unit and 1 x M50 panel

The design goal for development of Merlin Heavy Duty Surgical Light System is to provide a top quality medical and surgical light source, with unparalleled mechanical and climatic properties for use in demanding field conditions.

The environmental and mechanical properties are tested according to Def Stan 00-35, Parts 3 and 4.

The HD150-ISF and HD50 are deployable in matter of minutes and consist of very few parts. Except of standard medical cleaning procedures the system does not require any other maintenance and/or special tools.

The HD150-ISF and HD50 will be delivered with specially designed FSA - Flexible Support Arms.

A range of power supplies are available.

The systems are packed in sturdy (ABS) Explorer transport cases if required.