HD150-ISF Hospital Grade Surgical Light

150.000 lux light output


This light unit with 3 pieces M50 light panels is intended for surgical operating rooms where top light intensity and flexibility is required.

ISF – Integrated Satellite Function (patent pending) allows the surgeon to individually adjust the angle of each of the three M50 light panels in order to illuminate 2 or even 3 separate areas on the patients’ body. This function is especially useful when treating a patient with multiple injuries.

The 3 pieces M50 LED light panels are connected by fast snap-on and -off mechanical and electrical interfaces to the central frame. The central frame is mechanically and electrically connected to the dedicated FSA - Flexible Support Arm - by its own fast snap-on and -off mechanical and electrical interface.

A sterile handle in the middle of the central frame allows the surgeon to move the whole light assembly, and lock it into a fixed position if required. The FSA can be fastened to stretchers, operating table rails, or to ceilings and walls.

Total weight including arm <12kg. Power consumption <90VA.



Instant insertion and removal of the LED light panels